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Recognising her talent and development, Abisola has been recently promoted to Assistant Vice President of her department. Previously, as Chief Operating Officer, and now Transitions Officer for the Black Professionals Network, Abisola oversaw development and engagement of predominantly BAME colleagues through skills coaching and awareness, promoted pioneering mentoring schemes with London’s disadvantaged BAME youth, and hosted fundraisers for partnered Afro-Caribbean charities. Furthermore, she worked with Campus Recruitment and RARE/SEO at University events specifically targeting potential BAME applicants. From a young age, Abisola has worked alongside Local and UK Government, the Metropolitan Police and other organisations, to ensure all young people are included at the decision-making table – and not only those with unique privileges. She has also been invited back to her universities on several occasions to host workshops on key skills, and engage in panel discussions on the realities and impact her ethnicity has/not had in the workplace.

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