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During the past two years, Allia’s work has focused on intersectionality, allyship, and belonging, with a key focus on anti-racism practices. She co-led the development and implementation of a racial justice plan that had eight areas, including diversity hiring, internships, career advancement, and D&I training. In 2021, she spearheaded a first of its kind anti-racism alignment and evolution series of workshops that focused on: building the knowledge, awareness, and capacity of individuals to investigate the need for racial equity work, practicing talking about racism, power, and anti-racist practice constructively within the foundation and with its community, and identifying opportunities and next steps for pursuing a deeper and longer-term commitment to aligning as a Team and building anti-racist leadership capacity. The program led to opportunities for its expansion within the larger company and the development of a second training program with a focus on catalyzing racial healing and justice movements in the organization and communities. Allia aims to challenge the cycle of exclusion and normalize difference.