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Since Ambily became Co-Lead of GSK’s EMBRACE Employee Resource Group, the impact of her leadership has been felt in several areas. Mandatory Inclusion training has been implemented for almost 100,000 GSK employees; ethnic minority sponsorship programs have been developed; aspirational targets have been set for senior levels of the organization, and accountability from the GSK board has been secured to externally publish the firm’s race commitments in its annual report. Alongside these achievements Ambily has participated in intersectional events to highlight challenges faced by women of colour, orchestrated several high-profile EMBRACE events that led to 500% membership growth, and collaborated with HR to implement policy changes that would advantage members. Her efforts outside of GSK include serving as Deputy-Chair of The Network of Networks and as a Board Member for Slough Council Voluntary Services, where she supported the leadership team to deliver impactful work for a diverse community, during covid.

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