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After running a series of 45 minute ‘lunch and learn’ sessions with members of the BAME community at Vodafone, to hear first hand their experiences and better understand challenges they have faced, Anne fed back recommendations to HR for direct action. These steps included making improvements to unconscious bias trainings, running mandatory ‘Let’s Talk Race’ training sessions for line managers and ensuring non-UK holidays were more widely celebrated throughout the year. Anne also set up Vodafone’s Business Reciprocal Mentoring Scheme, where mentors from the BAME community form a professional relationship with white senior leader mentees to exchange knowledge and workplace experiences, providing opportunities to learn from each other. Nine members of the Business Senior Leadership team have signed up to this reciprocal mentoring scheme. Another result of Anne’s efforts has been the celebration of cultural holidays as part of monthly webinars, helping facilitate inclusion, increase awareness, and redress the imbalance of only celebrating British cultural holidays.

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