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As a senior female leader, Bal is passionate about driving meaningful and lasting changes in the organisation’s processes, procedures, behaviors, and culture to ensure the company achieves ethnic equity through tangible and measurable actions. In 2020, she Co-founded and Co-chairs AXA XL’s first multicultural business resource group, RISE.
Bal and the team have spearheaded the driving of ethnicity data disclosure, achieving a 76% completion rate in 6 months from 28% in 2020. This action has directly led the company to publish its Ethnicity Pay Gap Report in 2022. Bal and the team implemented a multi-tier committee structure to accelerate the changes across the business, including recruitment processes and relationships with sponsors and charities. As a result of this work, Bal has been recruited by the Insurance Cultural Awareness Network Steering Committee (iCAN) taking on the role of Head of Network Leads bringing together all network leaders in the industry.