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In February 2015, Bansi joined McKesson Corporation as Executive Vice President of Corporate Strategy & Business Development. In addition to this role, he is also a member of the Executive Committee and a corporate officer. Bansi and his team are responsible for all of the company’s strategic planning activities globally, and also for all of the company’s mergers and acquisitions. Bansi has overseen a large number of acquisitions for the company and announced transactions that will deploy $4 billion of capital.

Bansi is the most senior BAME executive at McKesson, and a core member of McKesson’s Chairman’s Diversity Council, which is responsible for the enterprise’s diversity strategy. He makes himself available as a mentor to all employees, particularly BAME people and women, to help them understand the myriad, often opaque, ways in which their careers can be more challenging to navigate than others. Another way in which he helps BAME colleagues in the workplace is to go out of his way to make them aware of career opportunities, as his experience is that minorities are often less broadly networked in the workplace, and therefore less aware of potential new opportunities.

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