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In January 2016, Bernard Adjei set up the RISE (Reach Inspire Support Empower) initiative to support younger generation of Ethnic Minorities in Secondary Schools and Colleges from underprivileged backgrounds. They cover modules related to CV workshops, mock interviews, diversity and inclusion and opportunities available in Lloyds Banking Group and the industry as a whole. Bernard also set up the Densu Online Marketplace to provide a platform for small to medium black businesses as well as Entrepreneurs in the UK. The marketplace has been featured on BBCAfrica and other media platforms. Bernard was named one of Ghana’s Top 30 under 30 for his support of black businesses, as well as being named UK Young Banker of the Year in 2016 for his innovation to improve visibility on international transfer for Ethnic Minorities. Bernard has donated and been involved in supporting the Apeguso village in Ghana with equipment and resources to support the education of the locals.

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