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Bre is the Diversity Lead for Sony Music UK’s international inclusion and equity committee, Helping Unite Everyone (HUE). This role sees Bre driving change within the company and ensuring all staff feel seen, heard and supported in all things related to D&I. In order to achieve this, Bre manages a forum for constructive dialogue and ensures that all matters raised are taken to the boardroom and addressed by senior management. Within HUE, Bre has spearheaded the D&I agenda and worked with HR to roll out diversity and unconscious bias training across the company, as well as creating partnerships between HR, managers and employees to improve cultural competency through educational events and communication initiatives. Bre also co-founded and runs a collective called Women Connect, which specializes in creating a safe space and promoting equal opportunities for women, non-binary people and gender-fluid people working in the creative industries and beyond.

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