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Brenda Wylie-Kay, Global VP Sales – Business Development at data integrity leader, Precisely, is deeply passionate about advocating for diversity in the technology space. For this reason, she worked with Precisely’s female CTO, to set up and co-chair the Precisely Women in Technology (PWIT) – a network that connects women employees across the business, providing access to key development, executive job shadowing, mentoring relationships, and fireside chat events with leading industry experts. Brenda is a tireless mentor to many women with diverse backgrounds teaching leadership, providing career guidance, and teaching negotiation skills. Last October was PWIT’s first anniversary, which is now 206 members strong. It has already helped empower ethnically diverse women employees and access opportunities for career advancement. Thanks to Brenda’s efforts and commitment to having better DEI across the company, 31% of the overall Precisely workforce are now women, and 27% of executives, senior-level, and management positions are women.