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Carrie works in the HSBC Global Head Office where she built a diverse team with 40% BAME representation, and has invited senior executives to be more vocal and visible role models for workplace inclusion, through a series of networking events. She is an Embrace Champion of the HSBC BAME network and has been appointed Deputy Chairperson of the HSBC Chinese Community. Carrie has also been mentoring two BAME colleagues for over two years and, in 2014, she was presented the HSBC Values and Leadership Award in recognition of her dedication to diversity, inclusion and the development of others. Carrie has actively volunteered with UNICEF and Rotaract to improve social inclusion for South Asian minorities in Hong Kong. She also speaks at a number of school events, works as a UK “anchor” for her Hong Kong alma mater, has delivered probono consulting for ChangesUK, and was honoured at the “HSBC At Our Best Recognition Programme” 2016 for her involvement in community work.

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