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Chika is seeking to be a visible and accessible presence in the organisation, expanding on her role as co-chair of the Aviva London Women’s Network. She has blogged to raise awareness and interest among Aviva’s BAME community and allies, and is in the process of establishing a BAME network at the organisation. She has represented Aviva at parliamentary roundtables on the topic of race and has been appointed by the Aviva Group Executive to their new Global Inclusion Council. Chika has sought to connect Aviva with her activities outside the workplace, for example by organising Digital workshops with the Amos Bursary (aimed at academically able black boys and young men) and the Women’s Network, where attendees were predominantly young black girls. Chika also set up and leads a local African-Caribbean church community group whose objectives include celebrating their diverse and rich cultures with each other and the wider community and encouraging younger members to embrace their cultural heritage.

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