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Dionne is the Global Executive Sponsor for I&D at Kantar Profiles, and joined the UK&I I&D Ethnicity Steering Committee as a member in February 2020. Upon joining she played an integral role in formulating a strategy enabling them to win the hearts and minds of the business, and she now co-leads the committee, balancing this commitment with her primary role as Chief Marketing Officer. Feedback on the work of the I&D SteerCo, including its Ally Programme of over 100 individuals who champion Kantar’s Race and Ethnicity Initiatives, suggests it has had a significant impact on the business. Dionne also mentors individuals outside of her organization, and is a frequent participant in panels and events including a Psychological Safety Webinar and a ‘Not Racist to Anti-Racist’ Learning Session for Race Equality Week. She was winner in the category of Professional Services at the 2020 Baton Awards.

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