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Through 2016 and 2017 Dominic has played a role as an International Executive sponsor for the Aon UK Multicultural group. In his new role as Chief of Staff to Aon’s President and CEO, he has been an advisor to Aon’s global head of Diversity and Inclusion, including supporting with the communication to the Aon Board of Directors pertaining to the performance on their global diversity and inclusion strategy. He formally and informally mentors a number of BAME colleagues at Aon and looks to advise them through his experiences and skills to find the right paths in their business units and to break down barriers where possible. Since moving to the US (from London), Dominic has connected with a local Chicago Charity; Embarc, that works with schools in the Chicagoland area.  Embarc’s goal is to drive student success with long-term social and cultural exposure through a three-year, three-level approach to journeying with the integration of their own curriculum. Through the transformative power of these journeys, awakening students to the possibilities of their potential by dissolving the borders of the city and in their minds.

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