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Esohe has led several initiatives to focus on targeted recruitment for people of color into sustainable finance. In addition, Esohe is a mentor to 12 young people of color across institutions and geographies, offering one-on-one counseling and career guidance. She is the Program Champion for IFC’s delegation to the McKinsey Black Leadership Academy, a training program for black senior leaders 1-2 levels below the C-Suite. Most recently, she has used podcasts as a medium to promote ideas around diversity and the inclusion of people of color and women into mainstream business. She has also been featured on Kenyan Wall Street, speaking on how to bring more African women into leadership positions within finance. She recently co-authored the publications Bonds to Bridge the Gap (2020) and Emerging Practices for the Economic Inclusion of LGBTI People (2021) which offer guidance to financial institutions and corporates to advance equity for women and LGBTI people