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Fraser uses his privilege to drive change across the organisation and industry. Specifically focussing on the area he is most authentic, the change a hetrosexual, white, cisgender man should lead to create a more equitable workplace. He describes this as real, leadership work that is as important as any other business change initiative. He shares his personal stories and journey with other non-diverse leaders, to encourage them to step up, become allies and lead change, always asking ‘if not you, then who? If not now, then when?’

Fraser is Executive Sponsor for Wickes’ Raising Awareness and Action for Culture and Ethnicity (RAACE) and Let’s do it with Pride (LGBTQ+) networks, listening to and amplifying the voices and concerns of these communities. His Allyship has led him to personally run 12 month development programmes with teams from under-represented communities, coaching, mentoring and connecting them to his network to help their personal development