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In his current position, Harbhajan is the HR Director responsible for Sodexo UK & Ireland Corporate Services, which includes more than 10,000 employees delivering facilities management services for 271 clients.
Harbhajan is a member of the D&I council and workstream leader for Culture and Origins, one of the six focus areas within the D&I Strategy. In this role he has worked with the D&I team to set aspirational demographics targets for management population in regards to BAME representation and is working with the recruitment team to ensure best practices are implemented. Harbhajan has also assisted the development of dashboards identifying adverse impact within the HR lifecycle and was a key panellist at launch of the ‘Origins’, employee network which aims to encourage inclusivity and cohesion by celebrating the diversity of culture, heritage and beliefs amongst Sodexo’s people and by promoting equal opportunities for all.
On a global basis, Harbhajan has been involved in reviewing a course designed to assist senior leaders with navigating different cultures as part of Sodexo’s global transformation and closer to home has influenced the delivery of unconscious bias training to both the UKI Executive Team and the CS leadership teams. He has had a long-standing commitment to mentoring recognising the positive impact this can have on mentees, many of whom have been from BAME backgrounds and a number of whom are now undertaking Director level roles. He has recorded a role model podcast as part of Origins network discussing his career history, lessons learnt and advice to others which is accessible to all network members.

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