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Harish is the Executive Chairman, majority shareholder and one of three founders of Diversity Travel. This means he is ultimately responsible for all of Diversity Travel’s 125 employees and all final decisions lie with him. In 2013, under Harish’s guidance, Diversity Travel was the only company in the industry, handpicked by the UK Government, to join Accelerate 250, a group of 250 high-growth companies bucking the trend of the recession to become significant contributors to UK job creation.
Difference is celebrated at Diversity Travel because Harish believes all minorities should be championed and encouraged whether this relates to gender, ethnicity or religion. This is represented across the business – staff speak over 20 languages, come from 15 nationalities and there is a 45:55 male to female gender split. Different sexual orientations, religious and political beliefs are represented at all levels of the organisation and the Board is 40% BAME, 20% female and 40% LGBT. They also have a Diversity Policy, as well as an Equal Opportunities Policy, because they are committed to leveraging the diverse backgrounds, experiences and perspectives of our people to provide excellent customer service to an equally diverse community of clients.
Diversity Travel has won numerous awards including Best Travel Management Company 2014 at The Business Travel Awards and Kenya Airways’ Charity Agency of the Year Award 2015. The company has an exclusive partnership with Raptim, the world’s largest provider of humanitarian travel, as a result of Harish’s relationships within the sector.

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