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As Co Chair of BP’s Positively Ethic Network, Imran has worked to expand the reach of BP’s affinity Group to include 550 active members(increased by 200) and a leadership team of 20 plus people. BP’s Positively Ethnic Network uses their hard fought ethnicity data  to work with senior leaders to show them statistics for their businesses to influence change. Imran is a mentor internal and external people from Ethnic Minority backgrounds. He is also responsible for the Grad Scheme in his part of BP and for the last two years running more than 75% of the intake has been from people from an Ethnic Minority background. This has been achieved by ensuring that a diverse group are involved in recruitment and also that the assessments are tweaked to reduce unconscious bias. Imran has sponsored 12 interns into his teams and is hoping to hire an individual from a prior internship in the near future.

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