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Jagdeep set up and led the first Barclays regional ‘Diversity Council’ in the South East, and has delivered thought provoking and poignant sessions at regional board level to encourage leaders to challenge their assumptions and unconscious biases. She mentors BAME origin VP’s and AVP’s to support their development, and is now the co-exec sponsor of the Barclays UK Embrace network. She regularly delivers keynote speeches and interactive sessions in schools and Universities that have a high BAME concentration. Externally, she mentors a number of individuals, both independently and has been a Primary School Mentor as part of the Mosaic Mentoring Programme. Jagdeep has also been a keynote speaker at the Women’s Business Council sponsored Women in Enterprise BME summit, and supported input into the resultant white paper. Additionally, she delivered a ‘Celebration of Festivals’ event in Nov 16 for 120 clients, which focused on celebrating, raising awareness of all the festivals of Eid, Diwali, Hanukkah, Gurpurab and Christmas.

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