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Jai is an openly gay person of colour. As executive sponsor and co-founding Oglivy Roots, Jai has seen the network go from strength to strength, growing in number and influence so it now extends across WPP and has branched into many other agencies. Building this hub for informed cultural insights has helped Oglivy support brands such as the MOBOs and World Afro Day. During Covid and the BLM movement, Jai Ied internal initiatives to ensure that the Black community were supported within Ogilvy, including several workshops and arranging counselling for anyone who needed it. Roots also hosted a blood drive to match more bone marrow donors with minority patients. Since moving to Oglivy Netherlands in January 2021 Jai has introduced unconscious bias training for staff and signed Ogilvy up to the PlusOne network, which takes POC talent on board as apprentices, with a view of them getting a permanent role.

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