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Javad is the Founder and CEO of JM Ventures, Norway’s first advisory and impact investment firm operating with the core thesis that diversity is profitable. JM Ventures has a particular focus on ethnicity and people of color, and in the last 12 months has advised and mentored over 100 ethnic minority founders, joined the advisory board of over 10 diversity-founded startups and organizations, invested multiple startups, and set up one venture studio company. Javad is also the Co-Founder and CEO of MAK, a multi-award winning systems change organization on ethnic D&I in Norway and Nordics. In 2021 he co-launched the Nordic CEO Commitment, a pioneering initiative between two leading organizations to accelerate gender and ethnic minority inclusion and get top leader anchoring in the region. He is also serving as the youngest Deputy Managing Director of EAT Foundation and is setting up the first diverse led investment fund in Norway.

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