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Since 2008, Ms. Stula Rivera has held various roles within Moody’s CSR department and was appointed as Moody’s Global Head of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in 2021.  She lead the strategic re-imagining of a CSR framework that better reflected the values and interests of employees and aligns with the corporate mission, vision, and purpose. Prior to joining Moody’s, Ms. Stula Rivera was an educator at a residential substance abuse school for adolescent males aged 13-17 where she held various leadership roles, including a six-month term as interim school principal and member of the executive leadership team. Ms. Stula Rivera holds a Master of Science in Education and a Certification in School Counseling from Manhattan College. She is a two-time recipient of City & State Magazine’s Responsible 100 Award and the Mahatma Award for Social Good, and was featured in Profile Magazine Q1 2019 segment “How Purposeful Programs Lead to Sound Profits.”