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For most of his professional career Jerome has mentored people in the workplace including BAME staff. As Senior Vice President of Global Operations for Stratasys, he developed critical team building exercises, to make the workplace a more welcoming and inclusive place for BAME staff. Previous to that, he was Vice President of Six Sigma Operations, Corporate Quality and Acquisition Integration for 3M, where he played a major role in devising strategy and operational plans for the company’s largest business group. In 2016, Jerome was invited by the founder of Open Theraputics to join the company as CEO where he leads a team of employees comprised of 40% ethnic minority and 40% women. In 2014, he was recognized in the Savoy Top 100 Most Influential Blacks in Corporate America and in 2016 was recognized by The Global Diversity List as one of the top 50 Diversity Professionals in Industry. Externally, Jerome has supported a variety of organizations dedicated to helping young people and BAME people. For the past 10 years he has served on the Board of Directors of Real Life 101, a non-profit that provides college scholarships and equipment for selected inner city African American males graduating from high school.

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