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Keri Gilder is CEO, Colt Technology Services. Passionate about addressing disparity in the tech industry, Keri’s working hard to remove barriers that prevent employees from progressing. Keri chairs the TM Forum’s Diversity & Inclusion Council and founded Colt’s first Inclusion & Diversity Council. Keri is firmly committed to ensuring that Colt remains focused on removing any biases inherent within its systems, processes and structures. Programmes to address this include Actioning Inclusion, aimed at educating employees on purposeful, conscious inclusion. Keri has held listening sessions with employees from different racial and ethnic backgrounds to find out what was on their minds and understand how Colt can support them. The insights she gathered led to a collaboration between HR and the YOUnited employee network group, which aims to promote cross cultural understanding and create a supportive environment where anyone can flourish regardless of their race, ethnicity, faith, or cultural background.