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As Director of ESG Strategy & Engagement at Merck & Co., Laurie has led initiatives promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion. In 2021, she co-chaired the BEAM launch, facilitating open dialogue between Black employees and non-Black allies to increase active allyship. She is also a co-lead of allyship for LEAD  (League of Employees of African Descent), including the launch of an Ally Resource Center with 20 materials about racism. Her efforts have resulted in a highly successful inaugural webcast and increased comfort in conversations about race. Laurie often speaks at global town halls, sharing practical allyship tips and advocating for diversity. Besides the allyship work Laurie has initiated and led at Merck, she has sought opportunities (podcasts, conferences, publications) to give practical tips to people working in pharma and beyond on fostering active allyship, reducing health disparities, promoting patient empowerment through health literacy, and fostering diversity in clinical trials.