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Leila is currently seconded from Refinitiv to Urban Synergy where she is Founder and CEO. Urban Synergy is an early-intervention mentoring charity, supporting thousands of diverse young people between 10-18 years, to reach their full potential. Leila is also a steering group member of the Black Employee Network at Refinitiv. Setting up inspirational role model seminars with support from Refinitiv volunteers and professionals from other organisations. Urban Synergy simultaneously helps inspire the next generation and deliver a diverse work-ready talent pipeline. Leila’s work is guided by the belief that showing students relatable role models, that look and sound like them, will enable them access valuable work experience opportunities that will help them to take their next step into the world of work. The number of corporate Role Models Leila has built up through Urban Synergy has risen to over 600, reaching over 10,000 students, from more than 100 schools.

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