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As part of the North America Racial Equity Task Force at the Boston Consulting Group, Lorenna works with corporate clients and non-profit partners to identify ways in which they can drive equity and inclusion for marginalized communities, such as by providing access to capital and supporting diverse talent. She also leads the development of DEI curricula specific to the principal investor and private equity industries. Her role as the Boston Office Black and Latinx Network Lead includes launching programming, fostering community, mentoring diverse talent, and spearheading initiatives in the Boston office and across North America. Lorenna also founded, and currently leads, BCG Boston’s Racial Equity Accelerator. The accelerator has over 150 members of all backgrounds driving four workstreams committed to advancing equity and inclusion: Recruiting, Supporting Co-workers (including career development and mentorship), Education (e.g., DEI trainings, speaker series), and External partnerships in the Boston area to drive local community impact.

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