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Manjit has worked on establishing Provident Financial Group as a leader in the field of equality, diversity and inclusion. The starting point for this work revolved around ensuring that the business met the recommendations made in the Lord Davies review for female board representation to increase to 25%. Manjit extended this commitment and set a target of having 25% of women within the wider senior management group by 2015 – this was surpassed and the figure now stands at 28%. Manjit championed diversity measurement across the Group and was a strong lead in the decision for PFG to adopt the National Equality Standard (NES). Manjit continues to be a driving force behind the company’s commitment to and support of initiatives that complement ongoing economic regeneration and which have positive impacts on BAME communities. In 2017, Manjit supported PFG’s commitment to becoming the principal sponsor of the Bradford Literature Festival for the next five years, which is directed and produced by two Asian businesswomen. In addition, from a broader community sense and from a regional perspective, Manjit is also personally engaged with Alderley Edge Hockey Club and Bowdon Hockey Club, actively campaigning for integration and fighting prejudice through sport.


Sadly Manjit passed away in October 2017, but her passion for inclusion will continue to inspire us all.

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