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Antonio Soler, from Bogota, Colombia, is a first-generation high-school graduate. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in international business from Saint Tomás University, a Master’s degree in Politics and International Relations, and a Professional Diploma in Strategy and Innovation from University College Dublin. Antonio has worked on the practice and standards of strategy, marketing, sales, finance, and operations in large, diverse, and complex organizations in the private sector, such as Teleperformance, Nestlé, and ICON plc., and in the government and not-for-profit sectors at University College Dublin, the United Nations Office for Humanitarian Affairs, and the Ministry of Education of the Government of Colombia. Antonio currently is a senior business development and strategy project manager at University College Dublin, where he places Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion at the core of his work. Antonio is part of both the DEI Network and the Multi-Cultural Employee Network at UCD. He is working at the School level on strategies to highlight the impact of both networks and how they can further enhance and promote an environment for DEI in the higher-education spectrum. Antonio is currently undertaking an MBA at Johns Hopkins University, where he is Carey Business Fellow and a ROMBA Fellow for the Reaching Out MBA. The ROMBA LGBT+ Fellowship is a joint effort between prominent business school programs and Reaching Out to develop LGBT+ and active advocates in business. Antonio represents the best and brightest in future LGBT+ and ethnic minority business leaders.