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Matt is responsible for developing and driving Virgin Money’s ambition to be a welcoming and inclusive workplace for all. He received Board approval to adopt the Sir John Parker report recommendations, before the findings had been formally launched, and encouraged transparency, leading to Virgin Money reporting its ethnic minority representation in its 2017 Annual Report & Accounts. Matt has led a strategy to improve diversity of hiring, resulting in a double digit hiring percentage for ethnic minority candidates in 2017 for the first time. He also founded the Virgin Money Affinity Group, which aims to involve all colleagues in the conversations around workplace inclusion. Under Matt’s sponsorship, Virgin Money have partnered with the Black British Business Awards to create an ‘Accelerator Programme’, a pan-industry approach to accelerating ethnic minority talent, which will launch later this year. He is also a member of the CMI Race Committee and mentors ethnic minority people outside Virgin Money, demonstrating his personal commitment to accelerating progress.

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