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Mauro’s commitment to inclusion is evident not just within his diversified leadership team but also in his wider efforts to institutionalize inclusion via Employee Resource Groups (ERGs). Among 11,000 employees in his business, ERG participation has increased from 39.2% (2019) to 52.6% (2021). Mauro is the Executive Sponsor of Dow’s Hispanic ERG, which was named Hispanic ERG of the Year by Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers. A strong advocate for inclusion, Mauro integrates inclusion into his daily business agenda. He engages Dow’s African ERG for unmet needs in the textured hair care market. He advocates PROJECT Ybá in Brazil, an initiative to develop a women-led cooperative to sell the bioactive in Dow’s preserved Amazon Forest to increase family incomes, while conserving the rainforest. As the co-chair of the U.S.-Brazil CEO Forum, Mauro meets regularly with both governments to improve bilateral collaboration in educational programs that create bridges for social advancement.