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As CEO of Sodexo Benefits and Rewards Services, USA, Mia leads the strategic evolution and growth of the business, with a focus on delivering outcome-based employee engagement solutions through recognition and well-being programmes and platforms. She also serves on Sodexo’s North America Regional Committee, where she has brought emphasis to corporate synergies initiatives by identifying ways to more cohesively integrate Sodexo’s various client solutions.
Mia has been a long-time champion of minorities and has used her influence in several ways to both nurture and highlight their contributions. While at Harvard Business School, she spoke out about the lack of ethnic and gender diversity among case study protagonists in the curriculum, and decided to address it by partnering with a professor and Oprah Winfrey to co-author a ground-breaking business case on her life and business.
In her current role, Mia has been able to define and articulate a vision around which the organization is inspired to act and she is proud of her ability to marshal the resources and assets that will lead to future growth. The human aspect of her role is fundamental and by being authentic and compassionate, she has promoted an environment where others act similarly, which enables productivity and organizational engagement.

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