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At Merck & Co., Moushmi is an Executive Sponsor for the Manufacturing Leadership Development Program, which supports building a high-performance organization by recruiting and developing entry level early talent. Moushmi and her team strive for greater workforce diversity through targeted recruitment and fostering an open and inclusive environment. Moushmi’s commitment to empowering minorities in pharma to excel takes the form of coaching, mentoring, and sponsoring talent from diverse backgrounds; regularly participating in panel discussions and events including the ASCEND-Pan Asian Leaders Forum; and contributing to Merck’s minority diverse EBRGs including the Asia Pacific Association, League of Employees of African Descent, and Merck Women’s Network. To further support women to build a higher level of leadership effectiveness and to thrive in the corporate world, Moushmi identifies, nominates and sponsors emerging talent for company sponsored programs and development assignments as well as leadership events such as Women of Color in Pharma.

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