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As Vice-chair of the Race Culture and Ethnicity Network at Beazley, Moussa organized many cultural events. Promoting inclusion and diversity in alternative ways is Moussa’s passion and this led to the creation of the first Beazley RACE podcast, which he hosts. In addition, Moussa was a panel member for the inaugural Black History Month carnival attended by 40% of the organization, including Beazley executives, and led and presented Beazley’s first Ramadan celebration. Moussa has also created the RACE@Beazley coaching scheme, which is launching this summer and looks to provide members of the network with guidance and support for their careers. The success of these events has led him to gain exposure, reaching many employees, and as a result, the engagement in the network increased yearly with a 30% gain from the starting point. Furthermore, encouraging allies to support the network has created a more significant impact on the company’s executive committee to bring about change.