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Nathaniel has created several opportunities for women and young people of African and Caribbean decent engage in science, technology and maths.

Through his company GeNNex he has focused on training and developing BAME technicians, who learn how to assemble, maintain, repair, install and sell solar devices and systems for homes, helping elevation from poverty especially in Africa. The work has been targeted at developing black female technicians, as there are not many represented in the sector in Europe, Africa and the Caribbean. Nathaniel is also a co-founding trustee/board member at the EY(Ernst & Young) Foundation which is focused on supporting disadvantaged young people into work or entrepreneurship. He has also been pivotal through his non-profit The Safety Box in contributing to research around the disproportionate incarceration of BAME young people, in addition he has delivered personal development training for BAME offenders in an attempt to reduce violence & re-offending.

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