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Oluchi is a DEI Partner Sponsor for Ernst & Young Strategy & Transactions, Financial Services, and has been positioned as an advisor to the Board. She led efforts to build an ‘Inclusion Assessment’ framework that has been packaged as a product to help clients across all regions and industries. As the only Black partner in the above UK and APAC businesses, Oluchi prioritizes meeting with professionals from ethnically diverse backgrounds to understand how she can improve their working experience. Whilst at Accenture, she became a DEI Advisor to UK CEO and CHRO, also helping with Strategy & Consulting UK around DEI focused training, recruitment and career development programs for employees. Moreover, as Head of Capital Markets Innovation UK, Oluchi supported securing a 40%+ increase of submissions from ethnically diverse founders to Accenture’s FinTech program. Oluchi founded Fully Bossed, helping professionals, including those from underrepresented backgrounds, accelerate in their careers.