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Paul has been with PwC for 20 years and partner for the last 15 and is among the top 10% most senior partners in the UK firm having held a number of leadership roles. Over the years Paul has mentored many BAME staff and partners and in 2013 Business in the Community’s Race for Opportunity campaign chose him as their first Diversity Champion at their annual awards and asked him to join their advisory board. Paul was also chosen by the Powerlist Foundation as one of the top 100 black/afro-Caribbean role models in the last two years.
Alongside his client facing responsibilities at PwC Paul has worked on diversity issues with particular emphasis on ethnicity. In 2003 he became the first chair of the firm’s Ethnic Minorities Forum and raised the issue of ethnic inequality with the PwC Board. Since the number of BAME partners has grown from less than ten to nearly fifty.
In 2006 Paul became the firm’s first (and still only) BAME Board member (the firm is equivalent in scale to a FTSE-100 company). Among other things he sponsored detailed analysis of recruitment, retention and progression issues leading to actions including bias awareness training.

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