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At Merck & Co (MRK), PK has been a strong sponsor of D&I through his involvement in Employee Business Resource Groups (EBRGs), and mentoring and sponsoring talent from diverse backgrounds. PK has been sponsoring and supporting several diversity initiatives at Merck such as Women in Science and Engineering, several D&I Councils and The Diverse Leaders Program.

During 2019-2021, PK was the Executive Sponsor of the Pan-Asian EBRG Asia Pacific Association (APA) at Merck and successfully increased employee membership and engagement by 100%. During 2020-21, with PK’s guidance, the APA EBRG developed a Call-to-Action in solidarity with the League of Employees of African Descent EBRG and sponsored community conversations responding to Anti-Asian incidents in the USA.

PK also currently represents Merck on the Board of Directors of NACME (National Action Council for Minorities in Engineering), with a vision to develop an Engineering workforce that looks like America.