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Since joining Accenture in 2016, Raffaella has played a meaningful role in promoting ethnic diversity and fighting racism. Working across multiple countries prior to that, allowed her to grow her passion for culture, engagement and the unique value that people bring to organisations. As Accenture Europe CHRO since 2020, her goal to encourage conversation and action on ethnic diversity has been instrumental in launching initiatives across Europe. Raffaella was pivotal in Accenture Europe’s anti-racism training, facilitating a conversation with employees on their stories, Accenture’s zero-tolerance for retaliation, and commitment to fighting racism. She role models the leadership behaviours required to create a more diverse and inclusive environment for ethnic groups through regular connects with employees, ensuring their experiences and feedback are incorporated into the Europe Ethnicity strategy. Raffaella has also sponsored Accenture´s involvement in partnerships with other organizations across Europe, to ensure continued focus and commitment on the topic.