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Sanjeev is an executive sponsor for the real estate business on D&I including on M&G Group’s Cultural Awareness Network and is an ally in M&G’s LGBT Network. Recently, he wrote an article for M&G Group on International Women’s Day on the importance of gender equality. He extensively promotes the BAME agenda within the organisation, including chairing debates on topics with external speakers such as lack of diversity on UK Boards (Parker Review). He has been involved in D&I initiatives for over 25 years including Race for Opportunity, the National Mentoring Consortium as a mentor, where he has received three awards for his dedicated service, and various other D&I initiatives. He is also on the management committee of Real Estate Balance, which seeks to address gender and broader diversity imbalance in senior positions in the sector. Sanjeev participated in the Deloitte Academy BAMEs on Board Programme for 2018, chairs meetings promoting D&I for the People in Property Network, and participated 2018’s Dive In Festival video “Awareness into Action” as a D&I champion within M&G. Additionally, Sanjeev is a regular speaker at external events on D&I and specifically the need for businesses to focus on ethnic minority considerations.  On 9 May 2019 Sanjeev was appointed Non-Executive Director for Urban & Civic plc.

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