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Shaheen has multiple roles at Accenture which involve diverse reporting and stakeholder groups. She sits on Accenture’s UKI Executive Leadership Team, comprising of seventeen senior representatives who determine the strategic goals of the UKI business.
Shaheen represents the interests of Accenture’s Analyst Consulting Group at board level. Since 2014 Shaheen has been the lead of Accenture’s Analyst Consulting Group, and accountable for the personal and professional development of over 1000 new graduates.
Shaheen works extensively with Accenture’s African-Caribbean Network where she leads the development of a signature two day classroom-based Leadership Development course for forty attendees. She has also established a mentoring circle for BAME colleagues at manager and senior manager level whom she personally mentors on issues of gender and race. Three of the women Shaheen has mentored are in the process of being promoted to Managing Director level. In addition to this, Shaheen is a personal mentor a number of non-BAME senior Managing Directors on understanding how to leverage the diverse talent in their business areas.

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