Shanika is the General Counsel and Company Secretary to the plc Board and General Counsel to British Business Bank. She is responsible for ensuring that the legal interests of the bank and its stakeholders are protected and ensuring that the governance aspects of the institution function smoothly. Shanika acts as the legal and business advisor to the CEO, members of the Board, senior management team and British Business Bank as a whole.
As the first BAME person on the senior management team Shanika has played an important role in setting the culture of the organisation and ensuring representation at the senior level of people from diverse backgrounds. The senior team at the bank is comprised of 50% women and 25% BAME.
As part of their CSR initiative British Business Bank have been working with inner city schools in London and Sheffield to encourage teenagers from BAME backgrounds to engage in entrepreneurial activities and to participate in debate about the economy and the importance of the activities of small and medium businesses in contributing to the economy.

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