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In 2019, Sherita became the Global Leader of Merck’s League of Employees of African Descent (LEAD). Sherita has positively impacted the membership and fostered a culture of inclusion within Merck. Under her leadership several career development initiatives were implemented – the reimagining of LEAD’s mentorship program, developing special assignments for LEAD members, and launching the first LEADership Development Summit impacting 150 members. Under Sherita’s leadership LEAD has also established an HBCU Council, Allyship Program, and formed a Diversity in Clinical Trials committee to bring insights regarding black patients to the organization. She has held positions across three Divisions of Merck, and recently expanded the breadth of her experience as the Director of Merck’s Key Talent Programs. In addition to serving on several community boards she is also the founder of Suite Dreams, a non-profit providing students with needed support as they start their collegiate journey. Sherita is a servant leader and her contributions are motivated by her desire to make a difference in the lives of others.

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