As Senior Director, Global Data Security & Third Party Risk at Visa, Sonia leads a global team responsible for development of payment security standards and third party risk policies and elevating Risk as a value creation function.
Besides her proven track record of leading globally diverse teams to drive execution of risk policies, she has also recently championed a diversity inclusion initiative within the Visa Risk Organization called “Know and Grow” with a co-worker This is a 6-month, team-based program that provides an opportunity for Risk employees, especially the underrepresented, to interact with the Risk Leadership Team and other Risk colleagues, and learn outside their core work area. The overarching goal of the program is to promote and facilitate cross-pollination, connections and collaborations to build an inclusive Risk organization, and most importantly, to counter potential biases and perceptions.
Sonia is also a mentor for a number of people outside of the US including one Macedonian, now based in Dubai, and 2 Asians from Singapore. Her true passion lies in teaching, elevating people (from any background), and rolling up her sleeves to make a difference and to change the game.

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