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In Sue’s previous position as CEO of HSBC, Channel Islands and Isle of Man (2019-2022), through her CEO communications with employees, such as all-employee webinars, leadership calls, and team meetings, she stressed that diversity and inclusion are among her core values and the foundation of how she runs her business. One way Sue manifested this commitment to D&I is by serving as Executive Sponsor of HSBC’s D&I Allies group. The group includes EMBRACE, the ethnicity network made up of self-nominated employees who put on events and trainings and write articles to give colleagues deeper insights, and highlight biases and discrimination. For the last two years the group has run a full month of activities during Black History Month, which Sue endorsed and took part in through panel discussions. Sue also supported HSBC’s corporate sponsorship of The Diversity Network in Jersey, which runs events and networking to spread understanding and break down barriers around inclusivity.