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At Ogilvy, Suresh is actively involved in a myriad of programmes for both the BAME as well as Pride communities.  This includes being an Executive Sponsor of the Ogilvy Professional Network which are specialist groups across the Black, Asian, Latin communities as well as Women’s, Military Veterans & Reservists and Young Professionals. Suresh also runs mentoring programmes for employees in and outside of the group across London, Dubai, South Africa, and India as well as externally including promising academic students in North America, EMEA and APAC.  Additionally, in the last year, Suresh was invited to be on a number of advisory boards including The Village Voice Pride Awards in New York. He also continues to speak, on a personal level, at various ground breaking forums in emerging markets like Armenia, and in June this year at an event in Prague.  He is also regular contributor to industry events and in May this year, will speak at the Diverse Intelligence Series in New York alongside leadership from Mondelez, Buzzfeed, Facebook, and Nielsen.  Additionally, Suresh continues his personal mentorship to three young students of Black and Latino backgrounds.

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