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Suresh sits on the Global Management Team of Virtue, VICE Media Group’s Global Creative Agency. Within this new role as well as in his previous roles as a C-Suite ethnic minority executive, Suresh has been a vocal champion of diversity and equality throughout all company offices across the Americas, EMEA and APAC. Within his capacity on driving growth within the business, Suresh emphasizes the need for diversity within agency teams to deliver strategically sound and inspirational creative campaign work that resonates culturally. Ensuring diverse individuals are given the opportunity to work on award-winning campaigns is part of Suresh’s mission to make the organization a welcoming place for all. Suresh’s executive sponsorship of a number of networks which focus on the personal and professional development of Black, Asian and Latin communities sees him actively soliciting the engagement of these groups within the business as well as within client activity. Through INvolve and the Marketing Academy USA, Suresh is a mentor to numerous ethnic minority and LGBTQ+ professionals.