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Zainab is currently the Deputy chair of the Barclays Black Professionals Forum, and oversees career progression and colleague development initiatives such as the internal mentoring programs and personal development workshops. She is also the Co-lead of their sixth form mentoring program, delivering workshops to students from South East London, pairing them with Barclays employee and offering work experience. The success of this program led to the Black Professionals Forum winning the Inclusion Champion Award, at Barclays Global Citizenship and Diversity Awards 2019. Zainab is also one of the founding members of, an award-winning online magazine written by women and non-binary people of color. gal-dem addresses inequality and misrepresentation in the media industry, providing a platform for creative and editorial work from people of color. She is currently writing a book on Black British history, focused on afro hair, to be published in 2020/2021.

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