Henrique dos Santos

Support Consultant

In 2018, Henrique helped in the foundation of the first Black Employee Chapter in Brazil. At the SAP Labs, Henrique and his colleagues had the privilege of hosting numerous events and opportunities to develop and increase internal awareness about the African culture and the African Brazilian's needs and challenges. The team held trainings focused on structural racism and events such as the "International Afro-Latin America, Afro-Caribbean and Diaspora Women's Day" where four marvelous Black women from SAP came to share their thoughts and challenges with the entire organization based on their personal experiences. In order to have an impact on external individuals, Henrique and his team created the Black Attraction program in partnership with the Black Employee Network and the Talent Attraction team to create a pipeline of Black candidates looking to become a part of the SAP family and increase the global diversity impact of SAP.

Higor Borges Lima

Intellectual Property Associate
Mattos Filho

Higor has been part of Mattos Filho's racial diversity initiative from its onset. As one of the few ethnically diverse employees at the Sao Paulo office when the firm started its efforts to address the issue, he was invited to participate in discussions that led to the formalization of the company's racial diversity internal group SOMA. Since then, Higor has been an active member collaborating in planning and executing D&I activities. SOMA's Talentos Trainee Program was launched in 2019 to promote racial diversity at career-entry level talent attraction. In addition, SOMA has promoted numerous internal and external initiatives on debating and exposing racial issues within the corporate legal scenario. These include, among others, a series of presentations for internal and external parties, race-related debates with prominent public figures, participation in media coverage, and production of materials related to race and the workplace.

Patricia Soares

Corporate Education Manager
Mattos Filho

As Organizational Development Manager at Mattos Filho, Veiga Filho, Marrey Jr e Quiroga Advogados, Patrícia is an active participant in the firm's diversity and inclusion groups. She has been responsible for the career development of the firm's Black Professionals who participate in the Soma Talentos initiative and preparing the leadership team to work with future diverse employees. With the corporate development team, her primary responsibility is to understand the needs of diverse talent, design pillars of action, and ensure the effectiveness of these actions. Furthermore, Patrícia does individual monitoring and informal mentoring with Mattos Filho's Black employees. This initiative brings essential insights related to the professionals' sense of belonging.