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Adizah regularly gives talks at universities regarding computer science and technology entrepreneurship, including a recent event with current Oxford University students of African and Caribbean descent who self-identify as women and Cambridge Judge Business School’s entrepreneurship programs. Her focus is often on ethnic minority women who are building careers in their predominantly white and male-dominated fields. She is also an advisor to UCL School of Management, bridging the divide between industry and academia in the technology industry. During her time at fintech accelerator Level39, she also set up a partnership with Code First Girls, which encourages women of all backgrounds to code and get into the technology profession. Additionally, Adizah cofounded Filanthropy*, supporting grassroots projects with small grants, and often giving her time to advise and coach young black professionals that would like to get into the technology industry. She also recently spoke at this year’s Tech in Ghana conference, which aimed to highlight the achievements of Ghanaians working in the London technology community. Adizah has spoken internationally about the impact of technology, business, and finance. She is regularly honoured for her work with ethnic minority women, and recognised as an inspirational figure in STEM.

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